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Hazely Academy

The Finishing Touch for Developing Futures. A refinement school in the Tampa Bay area offering a new and fun way to build self-esteem, teach manners and social graces – and so much more! We have developed a completely new and exciting approach to Charm School & learning that combines fun with instruction. Our classes include etiquette, modeling, manners and all the proper skills and social graces necessary for young girls to develop into poised, confident, successful young adults. The academy does not only foster healthy self-esteem, we also help cultivate our student’s positive side. At Hazely Academy we are developing role models for the future.


Refinement and Modeling

Image, social graces, basics of modeling and behavior norms all form part of our overall curriculum  dedicated to the development of a positive image. We firmly believe that discipline and self-esteem are vital tools necessary to the achievement of life’s goals and the fulfillment of one’s dreams. We’re making a difference by making a brighter future for our youth. Along with the NAA, Hazely Academy is also accredited by the Pinellas County School Board of Florida through our services with CCC.


Being a girl is fun!

Hazely Academy understands that every age is unique. For this reason we have arranged our classes by age with a limited number of girls enrolled in each class. We have designed an age appropriate curriculum for each group to insure a high level of success for all our students. Hazely Academy wants to ensure that the learning process is a fun enrichment experience for everyone.


Young Gentlemen

Hazely Academy also offers classes for Boys. These classes teach your child important, yet fun, guidelines to becoming a gentlemen. Classes are offered in select dates only.