Hazely Lopez


Hazely Lopez, founder of Hazely Corp began working as a demonstrator at the age of 13 for her sister’s company, Ramery Professional Promotions. Since she was a girl, Hazely has always dreamed big. Hazely actively performed in pageants, direct marketing events, newspapers and TV.

Hazely has participated in four beauty pageants and carries two first place titles in her career: Miss Puerto Rico Teen Globe and Miss Guaynabo teen. She was also 1st runner up in Miss Puerto Rico Teen and 3rd runner up in Miss Teen Globe.

Following a highly successful pageant career, Hazely Lopez accepted a position as a modeling teacher. It was here that her passion for teaching feminine skills started. Graduating from high school with honors, Hazely went on to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing.

Upon her arrival to Florida, Hazely was given the opportunity, once again, to apply her leadership skills. Hazely became an event coordinator and a marketing trainer. Her responsibilities included, among others, the managing of large groups with order and discipline, allowing her the opportunity to utilize all the varied skills she had acquired throughout the years.

Hazely is a proud wife and devoted mother of two. She has managed to always stay busy between studies, her family and her professional life. Hazely has always considered herself a dedicated and passionate woman, qualities that in combination with her outgoing personality have opened many doors.

In 2008, driven by her passion to share her experience and training with today’s young generation, she founded the Hazely Academy of Refinement and Modeling® — a place where young students can learn to value and respect themselves in an exciting and fun new way as they acquire social skills to last a lifetime. Hazely Academy believes that every student should have dreams and goals to aspire to, and that no matter how many obstacles you face in life, if you have the necessary tools, you will succeed. Our goal is to shape all of our students into secure, confident adults with the potential to be successful in all aspects of life.

Hazely has seen first hand what the classes and exposure can do in the positive development of personality in a young student. Her youngest son Marioandres was a very shy and quiet boy. It was very hard for him to talk with confidence or make eye contact. With a lot of love and perseverance, Hazely started to build strong confidence in Marionadres. With a combination of  TV Commercial auditions, stage exposure and sports, Marioandres is today a very confident young boy that has been featured in many Disney Commercials, Sport Award Ceremonies, as well as Amazing Improvement of Oral Presentations in School.

In 2009 she discovered the need to let ladies know that they do not have to be tall to be beautiful. This is when she founded the USA Petite®TM & Florida Petite Pageants®. Beauty Pageants with 4 age divisions: Teen, Miss, Ms. & Mrs. The First Annual USA Petite Pageant took place in Kissimmee, Florida over the summer of 2010. Amazed with the response from ladies all over the USA, in 2011 she decided to create the Universal Petite Pageant®; A Pageant for Petite Ladies Worldwide. The First Annual Universal Petite Pageant took place over spring of 2012.

Hazely dreams big for the Petite System and she is confident that the world of true beauty will now be complete by embracing Petite Ladies…She is a firm believer that pageants create role models and leaders, with a perfect combination of beauty, intelligence, charisma and humbleness.

Going into a personal goal that she had, in January 2016, Hazely started a journey through SlimFast. Throughout her journey she lost 30 pounds over a period of 26 weeks, achieving a title she holds with pride and joy: SlimFast Brand Ambassador. As a SpokePerson, she travels to events Nationwide and shares her journey through Social Media. You can read more about her story here. You can also follow her journey on Instagram using #HazelySlimFast