Frequently Asked Questions


1. Are you a Talent Agency?
No. We are an academy where special skills are taught. We help build confidence by giving them the necessary tools to succeed. Our academy does not necessarily focus on creating supermodels or actors. Whether our students aspire to be models, lawyers, doctors, TV personalities, or entrepreneurs, Hazely Academy will prepare them to be strong, confident individuals ready to meet any of life’s many challenges.

2. What hours are the courses?
Each class has a different schedule. Please call us for more information at 727.519.8727. Classes are on Saturdays and times vary on the program interested.

3. Do parents have to stay in the Academy during the classes?
It is not necessary for the guardians to stay for the hour of the class, however, we have a receiption area. We do have an acting class that we ask parents to enter the classroom, that is our Industry Training class.

4. What can I expect from Hazely Academy?
Each and every one of our programs are different, however, all of them have as a main focus to provide special skills that will carry on the rest of their lives.

5. Did you have  testimonials?

I signed my daughter and her best friend up for Hazely’s classes, both are 9 years old. My daughter who is very outgoing and outspoken, her friend who is more of an introvert.

The girls both finished the 7 week course, last week. Here is what I observed, what the girls learned at Hazely Academy. I will add at the beginning my daughter has been reminded of proper manners by me, her Aunts and grandmother (all were/are professional business women or educators) and it has been a constant reminder, you feel like a recording.

1. Appropriate subjects to talk about. How many of you have been embarrass by what you child has said in public? I have a very outspoken child so I have too many to count . . . My most memorable one is when she interviewed Derrick Brooks, a photographer told her to move closer to Derek, “he wont bite”, the photographer said. My daughter told Derek, “if you bite me, I can take you down!” OK she has a lot of confidence and it was funny . . . but I was embarrassed.

2. Grooming, my daughter always liked doing her own hair, BUT, I always had to redo it so there were no tangles under her long hair. Somehow only the front was brushed right. Now, she really does a better job and we don’t argue. How many moms fight to brush their daughters hair?

3. Eating properly, yes we tell them until we are blue in the face, eat with your fork, cut with your knife, chew with your mouth closed. Now I say “what would Hazely say?” Oh my goodness it’s like a light bulb went off or her computer turned on, and she sits up and makes us proud.

There is more to Hazely Academy than etiquette and refinement but both are sooo needed. Just go to the mall, park or volunteer in the classroom, and watch you will say “my child is better than that” or “I wish my child did that.”

Dianna ~ Mrs. Doyle ~ St. Petersburg, Florida

I cannot believe the transformation that has been made in Tabitha in just a few weeks! She has gone from a shy girl to a confident beautiful petite polite young girl! The difference shows since starting the classes in Hazely Academy, I have been pulled aside by various teachers and caregivers, who have told me about the difference in Tabitha. They have noticed she is much more polite, well mannered and much more confident. She has taken her confidence to the pageants that she has gone. With the experience she had in the Academy she is channeling her energy and new positive self-image onto a positive pursuits, instead of acting out negatively, as many children her age do.”

Tabatha ~ Mrs. Topliffe ~ Ruskin, FL



6. What happens if the student misses one of the classes?
No problem. Our program is monthly, meaning that the student can make up for the class in the follwing month.

7. Do they graduate?
Yes. This is a very special event in which your graduate will be recognized and certified for all the hard work. On this very special day students will be receiving her diploma, which she can use in the future as an addendum to her overall education in Hazely Academy. Please make sure to mark your date and invite relatives and families. Graduation dates vary and ussually are every semester. ~ As an important note, Hazely Academy offers Begginers class as well as advanced. Student must have graduated from a Begginers Class in order to be a part of an Advanced Class.

8. Do you offer classes for Boys?
Yes. For boys we offer an etiquette and self-image class; it is our Young Gentlemen Program. Upon request we offer adult and corporate seminars as well.

9. How long have you been around?
Hazely Academy has been around since 2008 and has graduated over 600 students.  

10. Where can I learn more?
You can visit our facilities at 6399 142nd ave n, Clearwater FL 33760 by calling to set anappointment. (Located east of US 19. Please visit the Contact Us page for a map.) Or you can call or e-mail us today: 727-519-8727 ;